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Modern Desktop 365 PoC

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 Modern Desktop Partner Resources

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Moodle LMS course format – Modern Desktop Windows 10


Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop PoC WorkshopPLUS

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  • Table Of Contents

Overview – Windows 10 Modern Desktop 365 Powered Devices PoC

Ready your team for the modern workplace

Get your team certified on cloud-critical identity and access management skills

Considering Microsoft 365? Get your team certified on Office 365

Moving to Microsoft 365? Get your team certified on Windows 10

Helping customers shift to a modern desktop

Making IT simpler with a modern workplace

Windows lifecycle fact sheet

Modern Desktop technical webinars & consultations – June, July & August

Modern Desktop technical webinars & consultations – August, September & October

# M365 Powered Device PoC – Customer Presentation 1803


Windows IT Pro Center – What’s new for IT Pros in Windows 10, version 1803

TechCommunity – What’s new for IT pros in Windows 10, version 1803

FY18 Partner Microsoft 365 Powered Device Presentation (June 14)

Modern Desktop Training Library

Microsoft 365 – The Benefits and Features of Windows 10 LEARNING PATH

Microsoft 365 Partner Webinar Series

Microsoft 365 Powered Device Proof of Concept and Pilot (OFF507PAL)

The Windows 10 Link List

Microsoft Ready – All July 2017 Sessions

Modern Desktop Assessment

01 Overview & Delivery Timelines guide

02 Assessment Goals

03 Shift to a modern desktop

04 How do you deploy Modern Desktop

05 Introduction to Windows Analytics

06 Partner Delivery Guide

07 Findings & Recommendations

08 Customer Report Guidelines

* LAB – Microsoft DEMOS – Microsoft 365 Enterprise Hero Demo

5-Day Workshop PoC

# 00 Project Kickoff

* LAB – Microsoft DEMOS – Microsoft 365 Powered Device

# MODULE 01 Overview

# MODULE 02 Servicing

Overview of Windows as a service

Preparing Your Enterprise for Windows 10 as a Service

02 Deploying Windows as a Service

03 Staying Current with Windows as a Service

# MODULE 03 Deployment and Management

Modern deployment options in Windows 10

Modern Windows 10 management strategies, using Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune

Deploying Windows 10: User-driven cloud deployment with Windows AutoPilot – BRK3031

Deploying Windows 10: An overview of what’s new and future direction – BRK3030

Windows AutoPilot: What it is and how it works

Desktop deployment for Microsoft 365 – Windows 10 & Office 365 ProPlus

Deploying Windows 10 Using System Center Configuration Manager

01 Preparing Configuration Manager for Windows 10

02 Operating System Deployment (OSD) Basics

03 Deploying and Managing Windows 10 with System Center Configuration Manager

Windows as a service

Modern User Environment Management

# MODULE 04 Security

Windows 10 Security in Real Life

Windows 10 – 3min features – Windows Defender

Windows Defender Application Guard overview

How Windows Defender Credential Guard works

Deep Dive into Credential Guard

01 Credential Guard

Security Expert Roundtable: Advanced Threat Protection at Microsoft (October 2017)

# MODULE 05 Compatibility

* LAB – Microsoft DEMOS – Modern Desktop TCO

Inspire Modern Desktop – Windows Analytics Click Through

Windows 10 Analytics (MPN17584)

01 Windows Telemetry

02 WINDOWS SERVER 2016 AND SYSTEM CENTER 2016 TELEMETRY – Technical Overview Whitepaper 2016

Developer’s Guide to the Desktop Bridge

01 Intro

02 Desktop App Converter

03 Debugging and Testing Your Converted Apps

04 Distributing Your Converted Apps

05 Enhancing Desktop Applications with UWP Features

06 Extending and Modernizing Applications with UWP Components

07 What’s next for Desktop Bridged

05 Compatibility Breakouts

# MODULE 06 Assessment Roadmap

# MODULE 07 Project Close

Modern Desktop Pilot










Microsoft 365 Powered Device Pilot sow editable copy

Configure & Enable Co-Management



Configure & Enable Modern Deployment

Modern Deployment_TechnicalGuide_1803

Modern Deployment_Workshop_1803

Design & Implement Application Delivery



Design & Implement Windows Servicing



Design & Pilot In-Place Upgrade Deployment



Infrastructure Foundations

Infrastructure Foundations_TechnicalGuide_1803

Infrastructure Foundations_Workshop_1803

Security Foundations


M365 Powered Device Pilot_SecurityFoundations_Workshop_1803

Upgrade CM Core Infrastructure


M365 Powered Device Pilot_UpgradeInfra_Workshop_1803

Desktop Deployment Planning Services

Microsoft 365 Powered Devices Lab Guides

00_Lab Setup – On-Premises Environment Setup

01_Lab Setup – Cloud Environment

02_Lab Setup – On-Premises Environment Post Setup Manual Steps

03_Servicing – Windows Analytics Update Compliance

04_Servicing – Servicing Windows 10 with Configuration Manager

05_Servicing – Servicing Office 365 ProPlus with Configuration Manager

06_Deployment & Management – Modern Device Deployment

07_Deployment & Management – Modern Device Management

08_Deployment & Management – Office 365 ProPlus Deployment

09_Deployment & Management – BIOS to UEFI Conversion

10_Deployment & Management – Modern Application Management

11_Deployment & Management – Enterprise State Roaming

12_Security – Windows Defender Application Guard

13_Security – Windows Defender Exploit Guard

14_Security – Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

15_Security – Device Guard – User Mode Code Integrity

16_Security – Windows Hello

17_Security – Credential Guard

18_Security – Device Encryption

19_Security – Windows Information Protection

20_Security – Remote Access (VPN)

21_Compatibility – Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness

22_Compatibility – Desktop Bridges

23_Compatibility – Browser Compatibility

24_Compatibility – Windows App Certification Kit

25_Compatibility – Application Virtualization

Additional Technical Resources

Windows 10 Resources – General Information & News (Sway Presentation)

Modern Workplace Learning Maps

Microsoft Education Resource Center

Microsoft Academic & Partner Programs for Education & Learning Partners


Microsoft Digital Literacy

Professional Development through the Microsoft Educator Community

Microsoft Tech Academy

Microsoft Azure Essentials

Visual Studio Dev Essentials

Office 365 Dev Program

Microsoft Cloud Society

Practice Acceleration Framework

Microsoft Azure Master

MCSE Mobility & Windows 10 Modern Desktop Admin – Exam Prep

# vNext Steps & Windows Modern SysAdmin

What’s New? Windows Client Workshops


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