eLearning Web Sites Review for acm.org & skillsoft.com

  • SkillSoft Training Courses

Wikipedia links for further info about these companies;

Firstly the FREE way to access them is via a staffing agency, recruiting company, etc. Some companies also use SkillSoft so they provide access for employees.

Two such recruiting agencies that provides accounts for access to the training materials are listed below.

  • Robert Half Technology


  • Kelly Services


SkillSoft is a very popular company but they do not sell subscriptions directly for personal use from what I can tell. So in all cases you need to go through some other company or association before you get access.
Regarding associations, this brings me to acm.org which I recently found while searching online.

Essentially as of this posting the cost is $99 USD/year. This also provides access to other eBooks web sites Safari Books Online & Books 24×7. More info are at the below links.

Now before I get into a rant about why I feel cheated regarding the specifics of the type of courses they offer on the site through this subscription, I should state that I WILL be keeping my 1st year access (possibly renew it too). There are in fact a lot of videos & eBooks provided, and many courses which are available that align with exam topics for Microsoft, Cisco, CompTia, etc.

The access to certification courses which are provided is NOT COMPLETE. There are MANY MANY courses “missing” from the certification tracks….
See screenshots for comparison. Please note that I currently have access from Kelly Services for v7 of SkillSoft, while the ACM provides v8 of SkillSoft.

Kelly Services provides v7 SkillSoft which I feel is simpler, easy to access folder structures as shown below. ACM provides v8 SkillSoft which looks nicer but loads slower & takes longer to navigate to find content.

So as you can see between the two subscriptions which I have access to, the one I pay for from ACM.org actually does not seem to provide the advertised “aligned certification tracks”. In fact over 50% of the course material is MISSING!

Not sure how this will play out in the end. I’ll contact their support team to ask further questions about these missing courses and see what they say. Will post an update if I find out more info.

Update: After speaking with their support representatives it seems that SkillSoft does limit the number of courses offered through the ACM subscription. The videos library is very large, and seems to be complete, but the courses library is not and won’t be provided in it’s entirety through the current subscription levels 😦

It’s still a good deal & lots of videos/ebooks are on the site.

To sign-up with referral discount check out this link @ https://doc.co/svVsSG/swkk2t



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