The journey into blogging begins anew

So, this isn’t something I’m all too great with, being a traditional introverted type computer geek, I seek to now become more outgoing with my thoughts. Thus, blogging it is!

So to start this new chapter, I’ll be posting a little about the eLearning websites I have been recently using and like.

I hope others will also find this information useful, and eventually I’ll be posting about all sort of tech topics, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Cisco Prime, Azure, Office 365, AWS, CompTia, ITIL, whatever I can think of, etc etc

So lets begin.
This community is free to access, has lots of useful forums and documentation. Interestingly enough, they use Jive-N as the social media platform. There are many online awards and promotions being offered through sponsored companies like SolarWinds.
This community is free, but to access Premium training material you need to pay. There are great videos and documents, but I wish it had options to keep track of the learning process. As it stands, they don’t track what you watch or what courses you complete. It’s more of a large collection of webinars, training videos, documents and labs. Have not found any method to easily keep track of my progress. I tend to just create bookmarks in my profile for things I am in process of doing or have already done. The social media platform used is also Jive-N.
This place is great, and FREE. It has many topics all about Microsoft software. It keeps track of your progress and has training courses directly aligned with many of the Microsoft IT certification paths. The tracking system for points is not “that” good. I say that only because you can easily get points for just clicking a video and not even watching it, but you do get more points if you complete tests. They also have a section called Know It Prove It, which links into the MVA courses, but for specific learning paths related to your topic of interest. If you complete KiPi paths you get extra points and cool badges on your BornToLearn profile. The Dashboard is page is located here,
This website, Born To Learn – Training and Certification Community. They have forums specific to IT certs, lots and lots of links to good guides and training material from industry experts.
This place is great, I’m new to it, it costs money, is NOT free, except for certain YouTube videos they publish on their channel here,
That being said, they seem to be the Netflix of online eLearning. They have been recently buying up many other companies and continue to grow. They have premium subscription which gives you access to study notes and online tests, as well as online pdf certs, or you can even link completed courses directly to LinkedIn.
This site has a new concept which is to consolidate all your online learning into one place. They support PluralSight, Microsoft and many others. Even lets you add internet articles or YouTube videos to get points. Plus your own job history adds additional points.
This is the website that LinkedIn bought, it’s a paid subscription separate from LinkedIn. It’s got good content but not as much as PluralSight I don’t think. The courses can also be directly linked to your LinkedIn profile, but the online certs and transcripts you get are achievable without doing any final tests. Thus just watching the video or clicking through gets you a completed status for the courses. Also I have not found yet a way to directly publish completed courses, much like an online transcript which many of the other eLearning websites offer.
This is for VMware virtualization technologies, there are free forums and free training material from YouTube and Blogs. The courses offered via the official training providers will cost many thousands to attend.


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  1. Hey Robert! As one geek introvert to another, I salute your efforts 🙂 Also checked out your other creation – keep up the good work. I too am interested in not only learning more about IT – in my case programming in particular – but also in learning how to help others learn those skills. Hence my involvement with Mississauga Coding. Hope our paths will cross again soon.


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